Imports Decor Inc.

Wrought Iron Rubber Mats

Wrought iron rubber mats mixes vulcanized natural rubber and recycled rubber to form an elegant mat that is resistant to dust, skidding, and is durable. These mats are optimal for areas exposed to moisture such as pool sides. These mats are about 1/2" thick.

791RBM Courtney Gate
Size: 18x30"

792RBM RoseMary Welcome
Size: 18x30"

793RBM Monarch
Size: 18x30"

795RBM Sun Rise
Size: 18x30",24x36"

796RBM Traypin
Size: 18x30"

797RBM Oval
Size: 18x30"

798RBM Half Round
Size: 18x30"

799RBM Napoleon
Size: 18x30",24x36",18x47"

801RBM StairMat Square
Size: 9x30"

802RBM StairMat Dog
Size: 9x30"

807RBM Eyepin
Size: 22x36"

808RBM Stair Mat
Size: 9x30"

810RM Ruber Studs Mats
Size: 18x30",18x47",24x40",32x48"

815RBM Grid Leaves Half Round
Size: 18x30"

816RBM Pineapple Rectangle
Size: 18x30",30x48"

817RBM Pineapple Semi Circle
Size: 18x30"

818RBM Elliptical Curl
Size: 9x30"

819RBM Brooklyn
Size: 24x48"

820RBM Round Pin
Size: 18x47"

821RBM Braided
Size: 18x30"

822RBM Cabrio
Size: 24x36"

823RBM Kaleidoscope
Size: 16x24"

824RBM Hollow Mat
Size: 19x39"

825RBM Hollow Rubber Step mat
Size: 10x30"

826RBM-A Reversible Mat A
Size: 18x30"

826RBM-B Reversible Mat B
Size: 18x30"

827RBM Stone Step Mat
Size: 10x33"

828RBM Rubber Woven
Size: 18x30"

829RBM Colored Dogs
Size: 21.5x48"

830RBM Golden Ladybugs
Size: 18x30"

831RBM Beware of Cats
Size: 18x30"

832RBM Stair Mat Criss Cross
Size: 9x30"

833RBM Stair Mat Pin
Size: 9x30"

834RBM Golden Plumbago
Size: 18x30"

835RBM Bubble Stair
Size: 9x30"

836RBM Rubber Boot Tray Black
Size: 15.75x31.5

837RBM Rubber Scrapper
Size: 35.5x59"

838RBM Rubber Scrapper Diamond
Size: 35.5x59"

These products are handmade and there could be slight deviation in size/colors and thickness.