Imports Decor Inc.

Synthetic Mats

These flexible, high-quality mats are made with polypropylene and rubber which prevent skidding and offer an effective surface to wipe feet on. These mats can be used either indoor or outdoor. These mats are 1/4".

860SMT Synthetic Blue
Size: 16x24"

861SMT Synthetic Brown
Size: 16x24",24x36"

862SMT Synthetic Coke
Size: 24x36"

863SMT Synthetic Green
Size: 18x30"

864SMT Rubber Gray
Size: 16x28"

866SMT Brown Petals Half Round
Size: 16x24",24x36",36x24"

867SMT Brown Half Round
Size: 24x36"

868SMT Circle Gray
Size: 16x27"

905RBPP Gray Welcome
Size: 18x30"

906RBPP Red Welcome
Size: 18x30"

907PP Shell HR
Size: 24x36"

908PP Rice Bran
Size: 30x47"

909PP Shell
Size: 18x30"

910RBPP Flowers
Size: 18x30"

These products are handmade and there could be slight deviation in size/colors and thickness.