These mats are made with Polypropylene with Rubber Backed. These Mats are very durable with fast colors, safe because they are non-skid. Mats are flexible and soft having very efficient wiping surface. Ideal for indoor and outdoor use, available in 16X24", 18X30", 24X36", 24x39" and 30x47".

860SMT Synthetic Blue

Avilable Size:16x24"

861SMT Synthetic Brown

Avilable Size:16x24",24x36"

862SMT Synthetic Coke

Avilable Size:24x36"

863SMT Synthetic Green

Avilable Size:18x30"

864SMT Rubber Gray

Avilable Size:16x28"

866SMT Brown Petals Half Round

Avilable Size:16x24",24x36",36x24"

867SMT Brown Half Round

Avilable Size:24x36"

868SMT Circle Gray

Avilable Size:16x27"

869SMT Step Mat Gray

Avilable Size:10x30",10x48"

905RBPP Gray Welcome

Avilable Size:18x30"

906RBPP Red Welcome

Avilable Size:18x30"

907PP Shell HR

Avilable Size:24x36"

908PP Rice Bran

Avilable Size:30x47"

909PP Shell

Avilable Size:18x30"

910RBPP Flowers

Avilable Size:18x30"

911PP Welcome Steel dark brown

Avilable Size:18x30

912PP Welcome Steel light Brown

Avilable Size:18x30"